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Bio I am working in Infosys FINACLE from 1995.I have worked in various domains like corporate banking, wealth Management, Digital banking. I am author of Amazon Best Seller 'Driving Digital Transformation', which has been sold in more than 20 countries. I write on various topics related to technology and fintech at my website www.raktimsingh.com. Career History I had done B.TECH from IIT BHU. I am a TEDx speaker and my talk 'How Digital Transformation can help common person' was globally watched. My website is www.raktimsingh.com.


Technology for Social Good

Role of Technology in Circular Economy

02 Feb 2024

Technology emerges as a driving force in shaping the Circular Economy in this evolving dance between progress and environmental stewardship. Going beyond models of production and consumption, technology infuses innovation, transparency, and efficiency into practices at its core. These advancements pave the way for a future where resources are value...

Technology for Social Good

Why Digital Trust is important for banks

31 Jan 2024

In his renowned book "The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything," Stephen Covey emphasizes that the outcomes of one's efforts are determined by trust. To illustrate this concept, Covey alters the traditional business equation Results = Strategy x Execution to read Results = Trust (Strategy x Execution). Stephen Covey's tr...

Technology for Social Good

Technology for Social Good

27 Jan 2024

In a world where Technology has become deeply ingrained in our lives, its ability to bring about change and contribute to the betterment of society goes beyond mere convenience and efficiency. The true strength of Technology lies in its potential to act as a driving force for initiatives that tackle challenges and foster positive transformation. U...

Futuristic Banking

How Programmable Money Will Revolutionize the Financial World

24 Jan 2024

"Programmable Money" is founded on the principle that its issuer can prescribe its usage, transferees, daily spending limits, and even a termination date. One can put any number of conditions in "Programmable Money." It is a monetary system in which operations are performed automatically, programmatically, and through smart cont...


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