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Liberis to check funding applications with automated compliance verifications from Alloy

Source: Liberis

Liberis, the leading global embedded finance platform, today announced a partnership with Alloy, the identity risk management company behind over 500 of the world’s leading banks and fintechs.

The partnership will enable Liberis to leverage Alloy’s platform to fast-track its global growth, and simplify the merchant experience by integrating automated compliance verifications into the funding application process. Additionally, it will facilitate the creation of custom, white-labelled onboarding experiences for partners.

“We’re excited to partner with Alloy to help us achieve our global growth goals,” said Alexis Alexander, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer of Liberis. “Alloy’s platform will allow us to enter new markets quickly, optimise our merchants’ fully digitalised application for funding and scale to meet our partners’ demand, while also maintaining our high standards for compliance.”

Alloy’s platform provides Liberis with access and integrations to a global network of over 190 data sources that help streamline KYC, KYB, and AML processes while also preventing financial crime.. This will enable Liberis to onboard merchants in new markets quickly and efficiently.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Liberis to add them to our growing list of global clients,” said Tommy Nicholas, CEO at Alloy. “Alloy is designed to help businesses take control of fraud, credit, and compliance risk, while growing with the clearest picture of their customers. We’re confident that our partnership will help Liberis achieve its goals and provide its merchants with a seamless onboarding experience.”

The collaboration between Liberis and Alloy will streamline the funding application process for merchants, minimising the paperwork involved. Most merchants will experience a smooth and seamless application process, with compliance verifications happening behind the scenes. In cases where further documentation is necessary, Liberis will offer a bespoke, white-label experience that aligns with the needs and standards of both merchants and their partners.

“We hold ourselves to high standards on compliance, and we know it’s very important to our partners,” said Alexander. “But adding compliance checks can mean friction in the application journey. Using Alloy, we will be able to reduce this for most customers, whilst never compromising on a fully compliant process”.

Liberis is committed to growing in a scalable way. By partnering with Alloy, Liberis can reduce the engineering resources required to support its international expansion and meet its compliance requirements. This allows Liberis to focus resources on its core mission of providing merchants with the funding they need to grow and thrive through their partners.

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