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Bio Passionate about technology and inclusion. Vice-chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Fintech. House of Lords Select Committees on Digital Skills, Financial Inclusion, AI, Parliamentary Groups on AI, Blockchain, Assistive Technology, 4IR. Technology for public good. More about my parliamentary work, policy priorities and some excellent interviews with people from the world of fintech at my blog Career History Member of the House of Lords since 2013. Deputy Chair Channel 4. Chancellor BPP. Ex-solicitor. Ex-LOCOG. Ex-swimmer.

Long reads

How upcoming legislation will harness algorithms, AI, and big tech for public good

02 Feb 2024

The fourth industrial revolution, as with the previous three, has ushered in an age of exciting new opportunities thanks to the digital tools and products now available to us, initiating innovation and making more choice and better services for consumers and citizens possible. These are all positive benefits that we should celebrate but as we desi...

The transformative potential of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

19 Dec 2023

If it’s all about the data, then the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill must matter, and it does. Having completed its initial Commons stages it will receive second reading in the House of Lords today (19th December 2023). I will be exploring the vast opportunities afforded by the bill – as well as questioning the government on some of t...

Why the Electronic Trade Documents Act is the most important law you have never heard of

26 Sep 2023

On 20th September, the Electronic Trade Documents Act came into force. I have written here before about why the Electronic Trade Documents Bill was one of the most important bills you had never heard of: “Not only will this bill make trade faster, cheaper, and greener, it is an English law model of how to legislate for technology through specific ...

How will AI be regulated in the UK?

12 Jul 2023

AI is impacting all sectors across financial services - capital markets, investment and retail banking; you name it, it’s algorithm-ed it. If you are seeking out a financial product, mortgage or de-materialized instrument, AI is likely in the mix. Last year NVIDIA reported over 75% of companies employing at least one of the traditional AI use cases...