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The pace of evolution for many corporate finance and accounting functions is accelerating. The mandate of the CFO is expanding and the challenges they face accumulating. This blog is an exploration of these topics.

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Chirag Karnik

Navigating the legacy maze: Modern solutions for financial services

When it comes to financial services, the tech landscape is changing rapidly. For many, it can prove difficult to keep up with the pace, let alone position themselves at the forefront of the digital re...

05 Dec 2023
Lydia Coyle

The Modern Mutual - Becoming Technology Enabled

Modernising the tech stack is fundamental to becoming a Modern Mutual – prioritising automation, channel consistency, seamless customer experiences, and leveraging insights from data. Whilst modernis...

05 Dec 2023
Karim Ben-Jaafar

Easing auditing headaches: Accounts teams cannot delay the move to digital any longer

In the last few years, we’ve seen audit errors cause serious consequences. These aren’t simple fines for late accounts: it’s been impossible to ignore a string of names from the worlds of fashion (Sup...

29 Nov 2023
Lydia Coyle

The Modern Mutual - What is your channel strategy?

To navigate the complex landscape of channel strategy, Building Societies must consider their core mission of serving diverse customer needs while adapting to changing technological trends. How do Bui...

27 Nov 2023
Lydia Coyle

The Modern Mutual - Launching Innovative Products at Pace

How long does it take Building Societies to update products on the back of rate changes? Rapidly responding to market rate changes is critical for staying competitive, maintaining commercial stability...

21 Nov 2023
Lydia Coyle

The Modern Mutual - Empowering Colleagues to Deliver Excellence

Are Building Society colleagues doing high-value tasks that drive success of the organisation? "I want employees to have more time to provide good outcomes to the customer rather than doing lots ...

15 Nov 2023
Lydia Coyle

The Modern Mutual - Crafting Exceptional Customer Experiences

Building Societies often boast great NPS scores, but how do they ensure they are really offering an exceptional customer experience? Customers and brokers expect more than just friendly service. To en...

06 Nov 2023
Lydia Coyle

Making Membership Matter

How can we better explain the benefits of Building Societies and make membership meaningful for customers? Unlocking the value of membership across your Society is something that should remain front o...

03 Nov 2023
Shagun Malhotra

3 Secrets Behind Process Improvement Success in Finance

Embrace these strategies to pave the way to financial development success in your business. Process improvement in finance is typically about identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or areas where bu...

19 Oct 2023
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Revolutionizing Finance: The EU's Digital Finance Package and Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

In the race to embrace digital transformation, both the European Union and Saudi Arabia have embarked on distinct journeys. The EU, represented by its Digital Finance Package, seeks to revolutionize i...

12 Jun 2023

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